12-12-2017 - Check Writing Error:  Some customers are reporting their checks are being declined by merchanges who use Telecheck to process the payments.  Telecheck does not have access to any account information at Gateway Community Bank, including balances.  They maintain their own database based on information gained from previous checks being processed.  If your checks are being declined, please contact Telecheck at (800) 366-2425 or use the Decline Code Lookup feature on their website.

New Features and Services

EMV (Chipped) Debit Cards - On The Way!

Gateway Community Bank has finished developing our EMV Debit Cards.  You will automatically receive your new debit card as we roll them out based on your current card's expiration date.  These cards are designed to enhance security at point-of-sale transactions and keep your card from being compromised when retail stores are hacked and lose data.

Card On/Off - Available Now

A valuable tool for keeping your debit card safe, our new Card Management feature is available inside Online Banking. Once on the Card Management screen, clicking on the desired debit card instantly turns the card on or off for Point-Of-Sale transactions. For your convenience, any scheduled or recurring transactions, such as Bill Pay, will process even if the card is turned off. For more information, about how to use this feature, please call the bank.

Debit Card PIN Change!

Customers now have the ability to change their Debit Card PIN at any Gateway Community Bank ATM!  Swipe your card, enter your current PIN, and select the option for "PIN CHANGE".  You will then be prompted to enter your new PIN twice.  The change will take place immediately upon confirmation.